Is Cleaning Technology Getting Smarter?

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As our technological advancements continue to grow, cleaning technology is starting to become more and more progressive. There are lots of new and improved versions of the basic fundamental cleaning products we all use day today. Due to Covid-19, it is important now more than ever to keep homes, businesses, and general spaces disinfected, clean, and tidy. If you are looking to update your cleaning products or find out about more advanced products, then this article is perfect for you.


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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are great for use in a business. They can be used on dry surfaces, but they can also be used on wet surfaces too. They are also faster than standard smaller household vacuums. The industrial vacuum cleaners are much more powerful than a regular household vacuum so you will get much better results by using one, especially on areas that are quite tough to clean. They are a great value for money too, because of their long lifespan. 

Sensor Trash Can

Sensor trash cans are a great new way to keep your hands germ free whilst throwing away your trash. As you may already know, trash cans can be very unsanitary because so many people’s hands are opening and closing them. They may also have food bits or may just be unclean in general. Sensor trash cans combat this, by just hovering your hand over the top of it, the lid opens then automatically shuts when it detects no activity. Sensor trash cans are a great idea for households, but especially commercial spaces where it may be a new person touching a trash can every time it gets used. Fewer germs will be spread.

Air Purifiers

Indoor air purifiers pull harmful particles from the air like bacteria and dust. As you may have guessed, indoor air is much dirtier than outdoor air, so it is important to keep it clean. It is great if you work around food too, as air purifiers can take some of the smell away after cooking, so the room is left smelling fresh. It is also good for health, too, as taking the harmful particles out of the air will improve lung health.

Sensor Soap Dispenser

Sensor soap dispensers are on the rise since Covid-19 struck. Being able to disinfect your hands using soap but still not having to transfer any germs onto a pump is genius. Not to mention the fact that these sensor soap dispenser solutions are great for the environment. Less single-use plastic will be used due to people only buying refills rather than a new bottle of soap with a plastic pump every time they run out.

Improved cleaning technologies result in being more hygienic, reliable, easier to use, and can reduce cleaning time, which is a bonus for anyone! Have a look into some new and improved versions of the classic cleaning products that you use every day and see if there is an updated version that will save you a lot of time and effort.

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